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29 June 2014 @ 02:35 pm
Oh man........
First of all! I'm Dani, I live in Lisbon and I'm 20 years old. Ive been into kpop for a couple of years now, even though I love all girl groups, dislike a few groups and fandoms, Ive been consistently loving Teen Top, B1A4, Bestie and my most recent obsession, Winner.

I used to have a very organized lj blog years ago, but I grew out of it lol. I created a new one just to check on kpop communities, and it kinda sucks that my account is so new that Ive got no way to prove Im more than a ghost acc.
I wanna meet people ;; and make friends and talk about my faves the most ;; Ive been lurking enough I think?
Anyways I'll leave this little note here~ Plus if any mods of the communities wanna check out, I post a lot [here] and [here]
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